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5 Reasons Why Thousands Are
Ditching Their Stimulants for Elevate

“Love it!" Have tons of energy
with no brain fog”
★★★★★- Karrie W.


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1. A Healthy Solution To Sluggish, Unmotivated, And Foggy Days

We all have those days, or even weeks, of feeling sluggish, unmotivated, and ultimately choosing to procrastinate on every task. While many lean towards stimulants (coffee, soda, or energy drinks) to get them out of this slump, we felt it was time to formulate a better solution - one that utilizes the powers of nootropics to clear the fog, and set us up for success in the day ahead.

2. Contains 6 Of The Best Clinically Studied Nootropics To Help You Stay Focused

Many of us have heard of nootropics before, but what exactly are they? In short, Nootropics are brain enhancers found in herbs, roots, and plants that can help support cognitive function and overall well-being. Elevate contains 6 clinically studied nootropics hand chosen by nutritionists that help support energy, focus, memory, and healthy stress levels in a sustainable way.

  • vegan
  • soy free
  • dairy free
  • nut free
  • non-gmo
  • no artificial sweeteners
  • gluten free

3. Naturally Improve Your Focus Without Prescription Stimulants

One of the best things about Elevate is that it’s made of natural, clinically studied ingredients and doesn’t require the side effects normally associated with stimulants. That means there’s no need for a trip to the doctor’s office to achieve better focus and clarity. With the help of experts, Elevate was formulated to help you achieve increased motivation, and consistent focus without the crash and side effects of prescription stimulants.

While clinical studies suggest using Elevate for 2-3 weeks for best results, we’ve found that most people experience results immediately after the first dose!

4. Cognitive Function And Healthier Stress Levels Start With The Gut

Taking care of your gut is crucial for cognitive function and healthy stress levels. That’s why we included ingredients like Tumeric and Lion’s Mane which are shown to support your gut biome and overall brain health. So the next time you hear phrases like “go with your gut” or “butterflies in your stomach” just remember - when properly taken care of, your gut and brain can make a pretty good team!

5. Trusted By Over 80,000 Lifetime Customers With Over 5,000 Five-Star Reviews

A unique blend of plant extracts like green tea, lion’s mane, turmeric, black pepper, L-theanine & more - shown to enhance brain function, boost attention span & reduce the effects of stress & inflammation on day-to-day cognition.

Grace P., R.D.


Elevate by Avantera Health is truly a game changer, it has been an essential tool to help me through my overnight hospital shifts. For anyone out there putting in hours for the grind, I would certainly recommend!

Corey G., M.D.


My doctor told me I had poor blood circulation and that beet root powder could be a good way to help. Really glad I found Avantera beets.

Kyle G.


Since I started working from home, I've had the hardest time staying focused during the day. So many distractions! I started looking for a product that could help and came across Avantera. I was nervous to purchase anything am so glad that I did!

Tommy C.


I have issues focusing and have taken a prescription since college to help. I was so hesitant to try these but I see such a difference in my focus. No more brain fog, woohoo!

Hannah R.


Taking Unwind every night has allowed me to relax and get great sleep!

Marian N.


I was hesistant to order this but decided to give it a shot because of the ingredients and the 30-day money back guarantee. I'M SO HAPPY I DID! Customer for life!!!!

David T.


Frequently Asked Questions

Nootropics, also known as smart drugs or cognitive enhancers, are substances that people use to improve cognitive function, memory, creativity, and motivation.

These substances can include a wide range of compounds, such as prescription medications, over-the-counter supplements, and natural substances. Nootropics are used to enhance mental performance, focus, and overall brain function.

Elevate is designed to support and enhance cognitive functions such as memory, focus, creativity, and overall mental clarity. Additionally, Elevate can help support stress management and mood.

Our goal in formulating Elevate is for people to experience not only cognitive improvements but also an enhanced sense of well-being.

You should take elevate within the first hour of waking up on an empty stomach or with a light meal. If you are also taking unwind, take two capsules two hours before going to sleep.

Every person is different, but most customers report feeling positive effects immediately (within 20-30 minutes) after taking elevate. That said, clinical research on ingredients like Bacopa and CDP Choline suggest that people won't get the full benefits until they have been taking these ingredients consistently for over 30 days.

Our products are made in the USA! We proudly manufacture our products in a FDA registered facility located in the state of New York. Our facility has the highest standards and has been recognized with a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification.

Yes! We know that finding the right supplements to support your long-term goals can take time. We believe in our product so much that we offer a no-hassle, 100% money back guarantee for 30 days. In other words, try our products and if you don't like them for any reason, return them no questions asked.

Yes! We have prioritized selecting and sourcing the highest quality ingredients that are not only Vegan Friendly but also Soy Free, Dairy Free, Sugar Free, Nut Free, Non-GMO, Keto Friendly, and Paleo Friendly!

Yes! In working with doctors, nutritionists, and food scientists to come up with our products, we only selected ingredients that have substantial scientific research backing up our claims. If you would like to read more, go to our Ingredients + Benefits page where we link to relevant clinical studies for each ingredient.