FLASH SALE! 20% OFF with code "AVANTERA20"

FLASH SALE! 20% OFF with code "AVANTERA20"

avantera try beets avantera try beets

5 Reasons Cardiologists Are
Recommending Beets To
Transform Your Heart Health


“Love the energy boost. I just feel better and healthier, and am helping support a healthy blood pressure.”
- Elise

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A plant-based solution to supporting a healthy heart and optimal blood pressure levels.

Beets are rich in folate ( Vitamin B9) which helps cellular function in your body. Folate plays a key role in supporting your blood vessels and heart health.

Your heart health is so critical to leading a happy, fruitful life. We wanted to find a natural way to support a happy heart. That’s why we wanted to harness the power of beets which are scientifically proven to help support healthy blood pressure levels.


Nitric Oxide - the superpower no one ever talks about

Beets contain naturally high levels of nitrates, which our digestive system converts into nitric oxide. This compound relaxes and widens blood vessels, supporting blood flow. Optimal circulation has multiple benefits including supporting healthy blood pressure levels, reducing muscle soreness, and cognitive functions.


Clean, heart healthy energy

With the help of nitrates from Avantera's beets+, your body and muscles generate energy more efficiently without making your heart work harder…hence, heart healthy energy. This is why many leading athletes use beet root powder to enhance their cardiorespiratory performance.


Do you get inflammation, dizziness, fatigue, or tingling fingers and toes?

Have you ever felt tired or dizzy? Or, have you ever had throbbing pain, numbness, or the sensation of pins and needles? It is a terrible and scary feeling. These are all potential characteristics of poor circulation in the body. Beetroot powder can help support circulation and healthy blood flow because the nitrates found in beets can help relax the blood vessels.


Happy gut, happy life

Increasing evidence has associated digestive-system activity with the brain, often referred to as the Gut-Brain Connection. Our beets product contains prebiotics, fiber and enzymes which help support digestive health, influencing lipid metabolism and decreasing bad bacteria in our microbiomes.

What Customers Are Saying


“My doctor told me I had poor blood circulation and that beetroot powder could be a good natural way to help. Really glad I found +beets!”

avantera beets review



“I couldn't believe that +beets really did help support healthy blood pressure levels!”

avantera beets review



“I used to get really fatigued everyday. I started taking +beets and I can feel the difference in my energy levels. Its amazing!”

avantera beets review


avantera try beets

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