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November 02, 2020 4 min read


Why natural nootropics are better than Adderall (and other synthetic nootropics)

Everyone that has done any amount of digging into nootropics ends up with one question – what are natural nootropics and why are they better? Make that two questions :)

Nootropics have become a very big deal in wellness circles since they were first researched in the mid-20th century. Due to their potential to improve focus, alertness, motivation and brain health, they have been referred to as “smart drugs”by many. And many natural nootropics provide these benefits in a safe, effective way. 

But there are hundreds of so-called brain boosters available today which may help cognitive function but also have side effects and safety concerns. This is why knowing what to look for when starting your search for nootropic supplements is crucial. 

The first step is learning the difference between natural nootropics and synthetic nootropics. 

what are natural nootropics?

Simply put, natural nootropics are entirely natural substances that havepowerful effects on cognition and overall wellness. They are sourced from fully-natural sources like superfoods, herbs, minerals and vitamins. 

Some of these sources of natural nootropics include Lion’s Mane mushroom, Bacopa, green tea extract, L-theanine, CDP Choline and turmeric. Taken alone, natural nootropics can provide potent brain-boosting effects, especially when combined with healthy habits. 

Anyone of these nootropics can be consumed in various ways, such as through tinctures, powders or even as part of your food. But they are even more powerful when consumed alongside other nootropic supplements, often as part of a natural nootropic stack. 

Natural nootropic stacks are carefully selected, science-backed combinations of nootropic supplements that work synergistically. This means they combine in a way that safely multiplies and enhances the effects of each nootropic in your body. An example of natural nootropic stacks is Avantera’s Elevate and Unwind supplements. 

Compared to natural nootropics, synthetic nootropics are man-made. Sometimes, they could be engineered from artificially created substances such as piracetam and modafinil. 

Other times, they could be co-opted from medication created for other uses, but that also have nootropic effects. For instance, Adderall may evoke certain nootropic effects, which is why some people use it without a prescription. 

While they both may have brain boosting effects, there are vast differences between synthetic and natural nootropics – natural nootropics have diverse uses and are much safer. Here’s why. 

why are natural nootropics better than synthetic nootropics? 

Natural nootropics can provide strong cognitive-enhancing effects, without the need to rely on pharmaceuticals. 

Synthetic nootropics, on the other hand, are often unsafe due to their potential for numerous side effects. Often, these nootropics are under-researched or even illegal, such as where they are used without prescription. 

Synthetic nootropics like Adderall or Modafinil are associated withaddiction, anxiety, digestive issues like diarrhea and dopamine dysfunction, and arenot considered safe for use, even sporadically, by the USFDA. 

Natural nootropics on the other hand are considered safe, as they are compounds naturally occurring in nature. Does that mean they are less effective? Absolutely not. In fact,many claimthat natural nootropics increase productivity and focus on par with synthetic nootropics, without the side effects.

Moreover, when you give your brain the nutrients it needs to perform optimally, you complete tasks to a higher standard, compared to some synthetic nootropics that only increase cellular activity, as opposed to enhancing the key markers of cognitive performance. You can compare this to feeling tired, drinking a RedBull and trying to do a test, versus sleeping 8 hours, eating a healthy breakfast and drinking some concentrated green tea before a test - which situation will garner better results? Of course, the latter.

how can you find the best natural nootropics?

Now that we know how natural nootropics are superior to synthetic ones, it’s important to also be conscious of where to find natural nootropics. 

Whether you’re looking into nootropics to provide a boost in mental energy and alertness for work, or you’re simply interested in a healthier, more vigorous life, how you source your nootropics is key. 

We know that the best nootropics are those that come from completely natural sources. But is that all? 

There’s actually more. While natural nootropics are great, there are production practices or nootropic combinations that can be less than optimal. 

We’re not proud to say it but some people can take advantage of the excitement around nootropics to provide sub-par products. This is why it is important to pay critical attention to where you get your nootropics from and how they are produced. 

For instance, the best natural nootropics are GMP-certified – meaning they are produced under good manufacturing practices. The facilities where they are produced should also be FDA-certified, so you’re certain they know what they are doing. 

In addition, natural nootropics can be frustrated when they include some artificial ingredients or allergens. So you should check to see that your provider pays special attention to these areas. 

Avantera’s Elevate is created under the most stringent conditions and were formulated with the input of incredibly smart scientists. The supplements are fully vegan, soy-free, dairy-free, sugar-free and nut-free. 

Elevate was made to deliver 100% brain and body wellness without the cluttering effect of unnecessary ingredients. The capsules in which they are ingested were engineered to deliver maximum bioavailability and are made from high quality vegetable cellulose, instead of gelatin. 

You should be certain to check that the supplements, like Elevate, are non-GMO, paleo and keto-friendly. The goal should be to give you whole body wellness in a pure nootropic stack. 

When you are certain of these facts, and other factors that put your mind at rest, then you are on the right track to enjoying a healthy life backed by nootropic benefits. 

natural nootropics for maximum brain and body health 

As with most things that matter, there should be no room for half-measures with our health. And when it comes to nootropics, your body deserves nothing but the best. 

If you’re ready to start exploring the brain healthy world of nootropics, or if you’re already nootropic-savvy but want an experience with higher quality nootropics, we invite you to try out Avantera’s Elevate today. 

There’s no better way to supercharge with fully natural nootropics, carefully stacked to encourage maximum effectiveness.